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Victorious Marriage Seminars (VMS)

Pastor Rodney & Alexis Murphy, have been blissfully married for over 40 years. Their desire and vision to have a strong marriage and family led them to found VMS. Through the vehicle of Victorious Marriage Seminars they collaboratively teach singles, engaged and married couples truths on how to have a successful marriage and family relationships.

Building strong families



Through practical life teachings the Murphy’s will coach you on how to have the “Heaven on Earth” experience in your marriage and family relationships. They are equipped to lead ailing marriages in the direction of success and total fulfillment; while helping already successful marriages ascend to new heights of oneness and victory. With the strong belief that divorce is not an option, Pastor & Sis. Murphy have helped restore many marriage relationships to live up to their full potential. 




Be happy beyond your wedding day with premarital counseling by Victorious Marriage Seminars. Pre-marital counseling sessions help you build a solid foundation for a life-long successful marriage. Through Pre-Marital Counseling the Murphy’s equip engaged couples with the tools to experience a never ending, successful, happy, marriage relationship. Laying the proper foundation will ensure that every area of your life will increase. Participating in pre-marital counseling is an investment that will yield the dividends of success. If you apply the principals that you learn during these sessions and attend VMS monthly meetings you will never see divorce court! Pre-martial counseling topics include understanding the roles of husbands and wives, marriage and money, having a vision for your marriage, communication, blended families and much more .


As a single person, Victorious Marriage Seminars will impact your life for years to come. VMS gives you wisdom that will empower you to have an awesome future marriage relationship. The Murphy’s will inspire you to have an enhanced vision for your single life, engagement and future marriage. Through years of study and over 36 years of marriage, the Murphy’s provide you with tools proven successful in dating, choosing your mate and having a life-long victorious marriage. Even if you have experienced divorce, VMS can restore your faith in marriage success and equip you to have high expectations for victory in your next marriage relationship.

Call (810) 780-4171 today to schedule your counseling sessions and pave the road to marriage success!

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