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SKA operates within the

following age groups



12 months - 2 years old

2-3 years old

Pre-School to 6th Grade

4-6 year olds

7-10 year olds

The Nursery Ministry at Victorious Word Church is a safe, comfortable, nurturing, environment for your child.  Children ages 12 months – 3 years old are welcome to enjoy the nursery.   As you attend services at VWC, we want you to feel secure about your child’s well being.  Your child is safe to explore the nursery – which is properly childproofed and well staffed with enough individuals to give special attention to your son or daughter. 


The nursery is a fun place for your child to learn more about God, sing songs and play together while you enjoy the service.  

SuperKid Academy
SuperKid Academy
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The SuperKid Academy (SKA) at Victorious Word Church is a safe and fun environment for youth ages 4-10 years old.  We believe that learning more about God and His Word should be a fun, engaging experience.  The overall purpose of SKA is to teach the children Biblical principles that will cause them to WIN in life!  The children learn about God, His goodness, His grace and His faithfulness.  They also learn to praise and worship God.  They will always be instructed as to how they can use what they’ve learned about God in their everyday lives. Character building, self-esteem, purpose and scripture memorization are emphasized. 


SuperKid Academy is highly involved with the arts (dance, mime, step, music, drama) that helps God’s word come alive in their hearts.  This also helps teach the children to give all of their gifts, talents, abilities and dreams to God for His glory.   People of all ages are involved in the Arts Ministry.  SKA performs at various times of the year as apart of our extraordinary worship service. 


12 months – 3 years old

4-10 Years Old

SuperKids...We have Fun but we don't Play!
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